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Premium Accommodations in Ontario

Wake Up to a Suite River View

We provide a wide variety of accommodation types to suit the various needs of our guests. Whether you are here for only one night and/or a 2 year project we will try our best to provide a home with all your needs while you stain in our neck of the woods.

Whether you're here for business and/or pleasure, please let us know so we can assist by providing a ride out to James Bay by boat, help you find a local company providing the services and/or goods that might be needed for your project.

Looking to experience the North? Our suite with an amazing river view is the perfect spot to unwind and relax or for your business trips.

Your whole home rental for a single night or multiple weeks offers two bedrooms and a full kitchen.

We have excursions along the Moose River out to James Bay by boat. The tours are about 2 hours long and give information along the way.